Here at Audit Aid, we understand that assets are the very basic for any organisation when it comes to delivering its aims. Whether the company is a private sector company or public sector company, and whether assets are physical or even financial; good asset management will maximise your value for money through being optimised, coordinated and generally on top of utilisation and disposal or renewal of equipment where and when needed. 

Insights into not only the integration but the optimisation of asset management has developed hugely since the 90’s in order to not only provide more accurate reports but also help identify a range of what’s considered essential business processes. Those advancements include ISO 55000.

What Is ISO 55000?

ISO 55000 is part of the ISO 55000 family which incorporates ISO 55000 as well as ISO 55001 and ISO 55002. These are the first set of International Standards for Asset Management. ISO 55000 is not only the best known but the most credible asset management standard. It highlights the fact that a business takes a lot of care and consideration when it comes to its assets, from specifying which assets to use, through to purchasing, operating, maintaining and even disposing of said assets.

The Benefits Of ISO 55000 Certification

There are numerous benefits to having ISO 55000 certification. This includes:

  • Heightened Chance Of Winning Contracts – when it comes to public sector tenders, certification to ISO 55000 is a very strong signal to companies that your business is very well run and credible.
  • Consistent & Auditable Risk Management – with ISO 55000 you get a better understanding and usage of your data and information to provide more informed and consistent decisions.
  • Reduced Problems With Both Products & Services – ISO 55000 certified businesses are far better equipped to deal with unexpected problems, as they normally have processes in place to help deal with said problem quickly and efficiently.
  • Better Management – ISO 55000 standards help businesses to ensure they’re on top of analysis and reporting. It also showcases a company’s compliance.
  • Continued Improvement – ensuring you’re measuring against the right KPI’s ensures a solid foundation to continue improving year on year.
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction – in a business where processes are well managed and clearly defined, staff feel more secure and therefore enjoy more job satisfaction. This can lead to a much greater engagement of the workforce itself.
  • Lower Costs Over Time – by achieving and subsequently maintaining certification to ISO 55000, many companies see their insurance premiums reducing while also noticing a more holistic approach to asset management leading to much lower costs over the course of that assets lifespan.
  • Overall Business Improvement – the cumulative effect of the above benefits will lead to overall improvement of the running of your business and subsequently, your profit too.

How Can Audit Aid Help?

Here at Audit Aid, we can help assist businesses and companies in gaining this accreditation, and we can do so up and down the country. We provide one of the most highly recommended Asset Management services out there, allowing you to outsource and delegate to us.

Not only will this provide you with the time and energy to focus on what’s more important, but here at Audit Aid, we’ll take the pressure and work away from you, ensuring complete accountability for the registration of each and every one of your devices. We’ll do this for a very affordable fee, getting your company in a position to receive ISO 55000 accreditation.

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