Thanks to advancements in technology, the vast majority of workers are now working from home, which has allowed companies to continue running during one of the most shocking pandemics this generation has ever seen. It’s also allowed people to continue earning a wage despite lockdown restrictions and general pandemonium in all four corners of the globe. 

While this is of course cause for celebration, it has brought about some logistical problems, namely being that thousands of devices, from phones to laptops and more, have left company premises without being tracked or even disclosed due to the nature at which people were forced to begin lockdown.

Wondering Where Your Hardware Is?

Whether it’s mobile phones and tablets, or laptops and other smart devices, remote working has been both a blessing and a curse as our hardware has been dispersed rapidly throughout the country. This dispersal of hardware has brought with it both risk in the form of unauthorised shared data as well as cost through lost technical equipment. Thankfully, here at Audit Aid we have the perfect solution in the form of remote IT hardware auditing.

We Have The Perfect Solution

Here at Audit Aid, we have specialist equipment that will allow us to track your full IT inventory, including equipment you may not have even realised had left company premises. We’ll begin our remote audits by carrying out a full IT inventory to determine what tech equipment you own and subsequently needs to be located. We’ll then use our equipment and software to locate devices, giving their registered location as well as their actual location, showing you all discrepancies where possible.

These IT hardware audits are there to make life easier and prevent loss as much as humanly possible. We may even save you money by locating devices you’d forgotten about completely.

Our Auditor Responsibility

Due to COVID, it must be noted that there may be restrictions on travel, movement or even visitation of particular clients which may prevent certain parts of particular audits being carried out. If this happens, we’ll do our utmost to consider every way possible to overcome said obstacles however, we must remind you that during these rather uncertain times, we may have to alter timetables where and when necessary.

It must be remembered however that we have a responsibility as an auditing body to supply evidence that supports our findings. This is something we take very seriously, which is why we deliver a detailed report following all auditing projects and is something we’ll continue to do with each and every client. It’s our job to serve you as best we can and that’s exactly what we aim to achieve every single time, from time critical projects to every day auditing.

Contact Us At Audit Aid Today

If you’d like help with IT Hardware Auditing, please do contact us at Audit Aid today. We’ll provide you with an accurate report itemising every single one of your devices, showing you their location and even the names of admins and IP addresses where and when possible.