COVID-19 became a topic of discussion in January. Within weeks, the Coronavirus had travelled to all four corners of the globe and by March, the UK was put on full lockdown.

Businesses everywhere were encouraged to begin working from home and within a matter of days, thousands and thousands of pieces of computer equipment and IT devices left buildings and travelled home with employees everywhere.

Auditing is a crucial part of running any business. During regular, unrestricted operating times, auditing allows companies to ensure their IT equipment and other technical devices are not only accounted for but are in good working order.

During times like this however, it’s even more important due to the sheer amount of equipment that has suddenly left a company’s premises.

IT Hardware Auditing Will Keep You In The Know

Lockdown is beginning to ease with certain restrictions lifted and social distancing measures being put in place for everyone, both for businesses and consumers.

With this in mind, an IT hardware audit could be the perfect solution to ensure that not only are all of your IT devices where they’re meant to be, but also ensure you’re ready to begin easing back into some form of normality – be it in a work from home environment, back in the office or a mixture of the two.

Audit Aid Remote IT Audits

Keeping track of your IT hardware is a time consuming and often laborious task at the best of times. Throw in a global pandemic with thousands of devices leaving your premises and it can make keeping track of IT equipment near enough impossible.

Here at Audit Aid however, we can help keep track of all IT hardware equipment, as well as locate missing or lost items.

Whether you’re looking to locate and keep track of equipment from one location or multiple locations, our remote IT hardware auditing could be your companies saving grace.

During our operation, we have assisted companies in locating 1000’s of items of missing equipment, some they weren’t even aware they should be looking for. This has often aided them in reducing their monthly outgoings or helped in reducing future costs through the location of hardware they weren’t keeping track of.

Get On Top Of Your Hardware Equipment Now

The need for accurate recording has never been more important. With office equipment now spread far and wide outside of the office and in some cases, nationwide as employees have returned home for extended periods of time.

Having a thorough audit will be essential, especially before employees begin returning to the office. This will help to avoid situations in which employees find themselves unaware of what they should and shouldn’t have with them. Likewise, it will prove efficient to ensure your company is aware of what exactly should still be within your office walls too.

Contact Audit Aid Today

Whether you have your own system already in place and aren’t sure with regards to its accuracy, or you’re in need of a complete audit overhaul, contact Audit Aid today on [email protected]