A Brief Understanding

Our story

The directors of Audit Aid have all had many years of experience working with computer technology. We have worked with companies and organisations of all types, from large multi-national and blue-chip corporations through to medium and smaller privately-owned companies, across all sectors including many government departments and organisations, providing a diverse range of services including but not limited to, computer hardware maintenance and software support, computer installations and reorganisations, data centre environmental surveys, reports and maintenance, physical IT auditing and reporting.


What brought us together was the recognition that many of these organisations had lost control of their IT estates, often without realising it. Even those organisations that had control processes in place like discovery software or ‘homegrown’ systems constructed using various packages, would often have only a patchy and outdated understanding of what equipment they owned, where it was and who was using it.


We could see that companies who had lost track of their IT estates were suffering the consequences of that lack of control, including significant financial loss because of continued double purchasing, incorrect depreciation information and additional subscription payment for redundant equipment not to mention: GDPR/security/efficiency/planned obsolescence and renewal processes that were not always managed in the most efficient manner.

Audit Aid is here not only to resolve those issues, but also to do it with simplicity, clarity, and economy.


We have created a system that is accessible to all, you do not have to be a qualified auditor to use it, although it contains all the elements necessary to appeal to the more seasoned IT auditor. It is interactive and engages easily with users, managers, and directors across all departments. It has been designed to help not just the IT department, it is designed to also provide valuable information to HR, finance, and procurement.


You can make the system as easy or as detailed as you want. If you want to start with just basic details about where equipment is and who is using it, you can, if your requirements call for a far more in-depth understanding of your IT estate, you can do that too, it is entirely up to you.


Constructed with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) very much in mind, this intuitive, practical, flexible, and extremely cost-effective system will work for everybody.