These days it is possible to purchase any number of software packages that claim to help you understand and control your IT estate, and many of them are very good but they all have their limitations.


Cost/Affordability – These packages can be very expensive, with upfront purchasing/licensing/training with regular upgrades needed to ensure you are working on the most applicable version.


Complexity – There is often a lot of jargon used within these systems, this can overcomplicate things and require the user to have previous experience or training.


Accessibility – These systems are usually only accessed by people in the IT department because of their complexity, this means that departments such as HR/Finance/Procurement and directors must rely on relayed information rather than being able to access the systems themselves.


We do things differently….

If you are starting from scratch, we will conduct a full and thorough physical audit across your IT estate, this means that, unlike discovery software, we will identify ALL your equipment, networked or otherwise. We will record not only the make, model, serial number, asset number and so forth, we will also detail who is using it and where it is located, down to unique desk level. There is nothing you will not know about your equipment, from the moment it is purchased, to its current user and when it’s planned to be replaced, based upon your business replacement policy. We will provide all the information you need; this is a bespoke service that you can tailor, not an inflexible ‘off the shelf’ product.


We know that requirements vary from company to company, large or small, complicated, or simple, our system will cater for all organisations, offering as little or as much information as you require.


If you are not starting from scratch and need verification of your current IT database, we will work with you to either confirm or deny the accuracy of your data and provide you with that data in any form you require – We can also provide you with access to our secure portal to review data captured for backup purposes.

If it is not possible to physically audit your equipment because, for example, you have many users working from home, then we will conduct a remote audit. This is done by contacting users directly through our system. They effectively conduct a verification audit on our behalf, through our systems and under guidance from us. They will be asked to verify data currently being held, and provide new data where applicable.


Their involvement is key because the system has been designed with users’ interaction in mind. We will ask them to scan/photograph…… We will pick up on ‘lost’ or replaced equipment, your staff will be effectively confirming the equipment they hold and why they need it. We are also able to identify those employees who are not that willing to participate in the audit process and decide what to do from there.

Once we have collected all this information, we provide you with access to your interactive repository via a secure online portal. Our system is easy to understand, and you will be able to find the information you need in no time at all, absolutely no previous experience is necessary!

Your data is stored on secure servers which hold ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Remember that it is your data, to do with as you will, you can manipulate it in any way that you want and have as many people have access to it as you’d like.

Moving forward we would expect the management of any IT estate and therefore the associated spending surrounding this to be easier to control and manage by using our system. You will be able to receive automated monthly reports about what assets haven’t been verified in the last month, what assets are coming to the warranty end date and finally what your year’s depreciation figure could be.


The costs of this are minimal based on the return that you will receive, as we will manage your complete IT System and provide you with the reporting tools to concentrate on the areas that require your attention.

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